SATURDAYS 9am to 1pm

2901 S. Capital of Texas Hwy.
Austin, Texas 78746 (View map)
At the back of the Barton Creek Mall


7R Ranch – Brings local high-quality meats that are: holistically raised, humanely treated, sustainable grazing on pesticide-free native grasses and no antibiotics and no vaccines.

Austin Worm Lab – Brings in high quality composting worms, worm castings, and organic soil and will have starter plants soon too!

Bali Family Farm – Has pasture-raised turkey including breast, tenderloin, thigh and drumsticks as well as pork and prepared foods including kimchi and organic chicken noodle soup and peach ice cream!

Better Days Gardens – is a no till and chemical and pesticide-free grower that offers seasonal vegetables.

Big Brazos Sustainable Farm – pecans and pecan products, including oil and spiced or sugared pecans.  Mulberries and blackberries, mouth-watering melons of all kinds, etc.  All sustainably raised.

Caskey Orchards – peaches, very naturally raised and absolutely delicious! (Seasonal)

Comanche Oaks – excellent vegetables, berries, exotic herbs in season.  Natural algae-based facial products and soil supplements.

Country Chick Farms – delicious pastured eggs from non-GMO, corn-free, soy-free fed hens. Country Chick Farms is a woman-owned, family-operated farm on 50 acres in southern Bastrop County near Rosanky. You can see their farm at and follow them at and for more information. 

Dancing Bear Farm – Pickles and other incredibly delicious canned vegetables!

Engel Farms –  veggies, blackberries, plums & peaches! (Seasonal)

Gardening Gnome –brings high quality, non-GMO, heirloom seedings grown without the use of chemical pesticides. Start your own garden!

Georgetown Pecans – great pecans from Dennis Perz. (Seasonal)

Ghost Tree Farm – Great produce and great canned foods!

Goatilicious – amazing goat cheese plus eggs, soap and face and body creams.

Good Flow Honey – “Good Flow” is a term used by beekeepers to describe abundant floral nectar secretion that is crucial to producing a good honey crop.  Good Flow Honey Co is a family owned and operated business, keeping bees around Austin and Central Texas since 1975. The family is involved in every process of the production – from “working” the bees, taking off and extracting the honey to bottling and delivery.

Good Juju Flower Farm – has incredible flowers, wreaths and seasonal bouquets all locally farmed without pesticides or chemicals!

Growtopia – uses organic farming methods to bring great produce to the market like arugula, mushrooms, tomatoes and eggplants. (Seasonal)

Hamilton Pool Vineyard & Farm – lovely wine and beautiful veggies.

Hi-Fi Mycology – large selection of wonderul, fresh home-grown mushroooms.

Jenschke Orchard – yummy peaches! (Seasonal)

Kolodzey Farms – brings in fantastic sustainably-grown produce!

Lost Pines Yaupon Tea – makes a variety of tea and tea concentrates out of North America’s only native “caffeine” – the Yaupon tree.

Love Creek Apple Orchard & Rocky Hill Orchard – Yes! Apples! and they are great!! Dan and Mary Rohrer

Munchie Micros –Locally grown and fresh cut, right at the market. Always growing varieties of sunflower, broccoli, pea shoots, cilantro, cabbage, radish and a spicy mix.

Olson Family Farm – A family farm in Elgin using only sustainable practices and no chemicals.

Open Range Longhorn Ranch – Incredibly lean meat from their 51 acre ranch. Their cattle are raised with kindness, respect and space. Free range, grass-fed longhorn beef that contains no antibiotics, steroids or hormones. They have halal processed meat also!

Rasmey’s Garden – large variety of starters and potted plants by Rasmey, a master grower – lemon and lime trees. (Seasonal)

Richardson Farms – excellent pastured raised and finished beef, chicken and pork, artisan salami, fresh ground corn and wheat, heirloom popping corn, amazing low temp pasteurized, non-homogenized A2 (less likely to be allergenic) milk and fresh cheeses. Fresh dog food and bones for broth!

Richardson can now deliver RAW MILK to the market! Pre-order it at their website!

Righteous Greens – large variety of long-lasting fresh microgreens (including sunflower sprouts) grown in Dripping Springs form organically grown seeds.

Rocky Hill – sustainably grown gala, cameo and other apple varieties. Wonderfully fresh and great flavor. (Seasonal)

Sandy Creek Farms – located in northern Gonzales County, 29 acres and northern Lavaca County 28 acres. Delicious naturally grown pecans, tomatoes, peaches, squash, cucumbers, peas and many others. All grown without chemical fertilizers or herbicides.

Shipps Lake Ranch  – raises Angus that is grass fed and grass finished. They also seasonally sell pork that is fed a specific vegetarian diet for a melt in your mouth flavor.

Smith and Smith Farms – pasture raised chicken, pork, lamb, turkey and eggs.  A large and delicious variety of meats, sausages, etc.

Vermillion Farms –Farms with environmentally controlled greenhouse and sustainable methods to bring in great produce like romaine, butterleaf lettuce, bell peppers and cucumbers.