Svantes Beef
Delicious grassfed beef.

Gray Gardens
All natural homegrown in Buda!

Comanche Oaks – vegetables, berries, exotic herbs in season.
Leon Cardwell
1131 Bending Rd
LaGrange, TX 78945

Fruitful Hill Farm
Eggs, Vegetables and Soap
Dale & Amy Ringger
(512) 923 7463

Good Flow Honey
“Good Flow” is a term used by beekeepers to describe abundant floral nectar secretion that is crucial to producing a good honey crop.Good Flow Honey Co. is a family owned, and operated, business. We have been keeping bees around Austin and Central Texas since 1975. Our Family is involved in every process of the production- from “working” the bees, taking off and extracting the honey, bottling, and delivering to our customers.

Johnson’s Backyard Garden
Organically Grown Vegetables. A small, family-run and community-supported farm, serving the Austin, Texas area.

Kitchen Pride Mushrooms
Phil Mc Clain

Rasmey’s Garden
Large variety of starters and potted plants – lemon and lime trees.

Richardson Farms
Pastured poultry, pork and beef.  Organically grown wheat, popcorn, etc.  A2 milk and cheeses.

Sandy Creek Farms
Our farms are located in northern Gonzales County, 29 acres and northern LaVaca County 28 acres. We specialize in rare and unusual nursery plants created into appealing arrangements for interior and patio enjoyment. Our main agricultural crop is naturally grown pecans from both farms, primarily the Lavaca County farm. we also raise garden crops, tomatoes, peaches, squash, cucumbers, peas and many others. All grown with out chemical fertilizers or herbicides.Max and Joyce Kelly

Smith and Smith Farms
Pasture raised chicken and eggs.

Texas Lavender
Randy Graybill

Wagyu Beef!

High Country Bison
Great bison!


Caskey Orchards
Cliff Caskey

Jenschke Orchard
Peaches and produce.

Big Brazos Sustainable Farm
Pecans, blackberries, watermelon, peanuts etc.

Engle Orchards has been in business for 15 years. Because they didn’t spray with chemicals, they expect to have peaches thru July and perhaps August. You can find their homemade Peach Ice Cream in downtown Fredericksburg at the Engles Orchard shop next to the Engles Deli on Main Street, down from the Nimitz Museum.
Arman Engel

Georgetown Pecans
Dennis Perz

Love Creek Apple Orchard
Dan Rohrer

Rocky Hill Orchard
Dan and Mary Rohrer