Prepared Foods

Antonio Celantano Olive Oil – superb olive oil.
Sittee’s Lebanese Food – delicious home made food using organic ingredients.
Nosh Pierogi – so delicious organic pierogis using local ingredients.
Goatilicious – great local goat cheeses, soap, body cream.
Loco Avocado – crazy good avocado sauce!
T’s Southern Pound Cake – organic and perfect!
Maggie’s Vanilla – flavored extracts and sugars.
Michelle’s Best Bread Ever – a variety of home made baked goods.
Damn Good Cake – delicious small organic cakes!
Mum Foods – extremely delicious smoked brisket, etc.
Buddha’s Brew
Delicious, fresh and organic Kombucha brewed right here in Austin. Bottle flavors include Blueberry, Ginger, Honeydew, Grape, Cranberry, and Classic. Seasonal flavors are available on tap. Visit their facebook page or website for more info. 
El Talisman Coffee –  family owned, roasted small batch coffee!
Righteous Greens – OMG!  variety varieties of sprouts including broccoli and sunflower!
Cake de Chez – delicious perfectly baked goods – gluten free and regular.
Artisan smoked salmon prepared in a variety of ways.
Dad’s Premium Granola
Absolutely the best granola around using organic ingredients and natural sweeteners.
Garbo’s Fresh Maine Lobster
Fresh lobster, soups, and lobster sandwiches.
ATX Jerky – small batch jerky, flavored honeys, etc.
Tamale Addiction Tamales
Fantastic home made tamales using organic masa. ingredients.
Gourmet Texas Pasta
Delicious all natural pasta with local flavors.
Lamba Royal Indian Food
New Bread Rising
Fantastically delicious handmade artisan bread – all organic and many loaves use sprouted grains.
‘Banzo Hummus and Pesto – really yummy and organic.
Austin’s premier taco maker using organic tortillas, local meats, etc.
Jake’s Raw Dog Food and Chow Hound – raw dog food.


Crubom – delicious organic chocolate treats – the bomb!
Pop’topia  –  organic artisan popsicles and ice cream bars…yum!!