SATURDAYS 9am to 1pm

2901 S Capital of Texas Hwy
Austin, Texas 78746 (View map)
At the back of the Barton Creek Mall

SUNDAYS 10am to 2pm

4805 Hwy 290 W
Sunset Valley 78745 (View map)
In the Kohl's Sunset Valley parking lot

Food For Thought

Austin Kefir Microbrewery

Water kefir from Marci’s Austin Kefir Microbrewery is back! But what in heck is it? Water Kefir grains are a type of S.C.O.B.Y., which is an acronym for a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast, and it’s one of the most robust forms of living probiotics and she does not add carbon dioxide (CO2), unlike

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Fruitful Hill Farm aka
Ringger Family Farm

Come see the hens that lay these eggs! Do you have any questions about where they come from? Come see the goats and cows! How about walking around a chemical-free garden? Shop at the farm stand for farm-style snacks. We are hosting a farm field day on Saturday,  Nov 28,  from 10 a.m. to 2

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Here’s something you may not know about Albert Einstein!

“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” – Albert Einstein In 1946, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist traveled to Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, the alma mater of Langston Hughes and Thurgood Marshall and the first school in America to grant college degrees to blacks. At Lincoln, Einstein gave a

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Cloudy Brine Makes Perfect Pickles!

Lots of pickling cukes at the market! and dill! I used this recipe from Wild Fermentation with JBG cukes and Fruitful Hill dill and it turned out well! I boiled the water and dipped everything I used in boiling water to minimize any off taste.Of course I kept the cukes, dill, etc raw so I

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bone broth

How & Why to Make Bone Broth!

Why make BONE BROTH? It supports digestion, reduces joint pain and inflammation, and contains high amount of calcium, magnesium, etc supports your bones! You can make it from any type of bones, but use bones from organically raised, pastured or grass-fed animals! RICHARDSON AND SMITH AND SMTIH FARMS bring bones to the market!  Here is one

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Olive oil best practices

Cooking With Oils

I read the book Fats and Oils by Udo Erasmus a long time ago. He talked about how cooking with any oil that contains polyunsaturated fats turns them into something that is carcinogenic…and how olive oil undergoes 120 chain reactions a second when exposed to light, each one being a step toward rancidity. So I

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