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Cooking With Oils

I read the book Fats and Oils by Udo Erasmus a long time ago. He talked about how cooking with any oil that contains polyunsaturated fats turns them into something that is carcinogenic…and how olive oil undergoes 120 chain reactions a second when exposed to light, each one being a step toward rancidity. So I keep my olive oil in the dark and just use it for salads. For cooking I use organic butter or good coconut oil which has the very highest  percentage of saturated fats. The deal with saturated fats is they are very stable so can be used for cooking without becoming carcinogenic. I read that people used to keep a little mill on their counters with seeds, nuts, whatever in it and when they needed a bit of oil, they would grind the nut or seed and obtain fresh oil that way.

This reminds me that cooking anything at high temperatures creates more complexities in the food…like a stronger chemical reaction, making food more difficult to digest. Just as one wants to avoid stress in life, avoiding stress in digestion (and exercise for that matter), is a good thing. Get out of your own way and let your body use the nutrients. Cook foods gently and digest them well.